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Aldworth Capital partners with passive investors in order to purchase and operate multifamily real estate for profit.

Our mission is to identify and purchase assets that will provide a profitable source of income and equity for all involved. We put our investors first and our goal is to learn about their personal investing criteria so that we can better find properties that fit both their risk and reward profiles.

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Why Invest in Multifamily Real Estate?

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“Jon Kessler is a person of integrity in both business and his personal life. Having know him for over 20 years, I can vouch for his character and look forward to continue to invest with him. “


Lance Burgess

02 September 2023

Our Team

Jon Kessler
Acquisitions and Investor Relations

Jon Kessler has been investing in real estate in multiple ways since 2014. In that time, he has amassed a personal portfolio of 19 residential rental properties. Jon is also a member of the award-winning Apartment Addicts Multifamily Investing Mentorship program.

Gabriel Ehrlich
Construction and Asset Management

Gabe has been investing in real estate for over 8 years and has a personal portfolio of 19 residential rental properties. He has been a Senior Project Manager of the Baltimore and Philadelphia markets for 3 years for Sylvan, a company that purchases, remodels and manages residential rental properties for hedge where he has managed remodels on over 350 houses.

Strategic Advisors

Aldworth Capital is proud to be advised by two of the best multifamily operators in the business.

Ashley Wilson, is the Founder and CEO of Bar Down Investments, LLC, Co-Founder of Apartment Addicts & Co-Founder of HouseItLook, LLC, Best Selling Author of The Only Woman in the Room, Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Women Real Estate Investors, a regular contributor to RENT magazine and has hosted several BiggerPockets multifamily series.

J is the former host of the top-rated BiggerPockets Business Podcast and currently co-hosts the widely acclaimed podcast, Drunk Real Estate. He is the author of five books on real estate investing, including the best-selling, The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs. His books have sold over 500,000 copies in the past ten years and have helped investors from around the world get their start with real estate. He is also a strategic advisor and mentor to several companies, business owners and entrepreneurs. He is co-founder of Apartment Addicts, where he helps aspiring multifamily investors achieve their investing goals.

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